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“All things flow. All things change.”

- Heraclitus (c. 535-475 BC)

About us

The name Panta Rhea captures, in Greek, the understanding that "change is the nature of all things."  This realization is at the heart of the Foundation's work. The Panta Rhea Foundation (PRF) was established in 2001 as a private foundation devoted to researching issues and analyzing the operations, goals and potential of organizations committed to building a more just and sustainable world. The Foundation advises individual donors and other charitable entities on grantmaking strategies and specific grants.

We believe that lasting, authentic change must come from the grassroots; from the organized efforts of people and organizations to enliven the social imagination and envision a better future, to experiment with new ideas, and to hold elected leaders and corporations accountable to the communities they serve.

In today’s world, these efforts necessarily entail building strong local and national organizations that can serve as a counterweight to corporate power. They entail supporting alternative sources of news and information and strong investigative reporting, as well as new approaches to problem–solving and collaboration. They require being mindful that social movements must inspire, identify and mentor new, young leaders and nourish new forms of cultural and artistic expression. They require taking risks and betting on David despite Goliath’s awesome strengths.

The Panta Rhea Foundation intentionally maintains a small staff, with limited capacity to read and process funding requests. Because of this, PRF is not accepting any unsolicited proposals or letters of inquiry at this time.